Hinged Door Enclosure

Enclosure Can Be Used for a Range of Projects

Extruded Housing

Meter Socket Interface

​This Version Designed to Interface Internally for Common Industry Modules

​​​Specification Sheet 

Meter Socket Jumper

​Safe and Easy Means of Bypassing a Meter Socket

Temporary Power Outlet

Ideal for Construction Sites Where Power is Not Available

Parts and Accessories

Miscelaneous Parts and Accessories for Electrical Projects

Specialized Housings

​A Variety of Specialized Housing for Different Projects and Needs

Coated Jumper Blades

​Safe and Easy Means of Bypassing a Meter Socket

Our Products

Meter Socket Interconnect

Quick and Easy Means of Restoring Power to a Facility During Emergencies

Meter Socket Interface

Idea for OEM Equipments Needing to be Incorporated into a Meter Based Application

​​​​Specification Sheet 

Multi-Purpose Housing

Housing with a Variety of Options Which Covers Many Applications

Meter Socket Converter

Converts Various Meter Forms to Fit Desired Application

Emergency Power Bank

​Quick and Easy Way of Restoring Power to a Residence During Emergency

Service Disconnects

Disconnects Customer Load but Maintains Power to Meter

Meter Socket Gasket

Blank-Off Cover

Meter Socket Extender

Designed for use on Ringless or Ring Style Meter Sockets

Meter Socket Adapters

Convert Meter Sockets to Test or Control Applications