Emergency Power Bank

​Quick and Easy Way of Restoring Power to a Residence During Emergency

Blank-Off Cover

Meter Socket Interface

Idea for OEM Equipments Needing to be Incorporated into a Meter Based Application

Parts and Accessories

Miscelaneous Parts and Accessories for Electrical Projects

Meter Socket Interface

​This Version Designed to Interface Internally for Common Industry Modules

Our Products

Meter Socket Converter

Converts Various Meter Forms to Fit Desired Application

Meter Socket Extender

Designed for use on Ringless or Ring Style Meter Sockets

Service Disconnects

Disconnects Customer Load but Maintains Power to Meter

Temporary Power Outlet

Ideal for Construction Sites Where Power is Not Available

Meter Socket Adapters

Convert Meter Sockets to Test or Control Applications

​​​Specification Sheet 

Meter Socket Jumper

​Safe and Easy Means of Bypassing a Meter Socket

Hinged Door Enclosure

Enclosure Can Be Used for a Range of Projects

Specialized Housings

​A Variety of Specialized Housing for Different Projects and Needs

Meter Socket Gasket

​​​​Specification Sheet 

Multi-Purpose Housing

Housing with a Variety of Options Which Covers Many Applications

Meter Socket Interconnect

Quick and Easy Means of Restoring Power to a Facility During Emergencies

Extruded Housing